1. Decide on a pattern.
2. Purchase the pattern.
3. Trace the pattern on backing board (1/8 inch hardboard).
4. Cut out each piece to use as pattern.
5. Choose (4 or more) cedar boards per pattern.
6. Trace the pattern as instructed on cedar boards.
7. Cut the pieces on band saw or scroll saw.
8. Fit the pieces.
9. Sand and shape the pieces.
10. Make the (raise)  pieces.
11. Glue the raise pieces to the appropriate cedar pieces.
12. Glue the pieces as per the pattern.
13. Trace the outline of the piece on a backing board.
14. Cut the backer board.
15. Glue the backer board to the project.
16. Apply wood sealer.
17. Light sand.
18. Apply 3 coats of Diamond Wood Finish Varathane Gloss.
19. Make a Stand if required.
20. Install a hanger.
21. Frame the piece if desired.
22. Clean shop work area.

What equipment is used?  

Table Saw, Chop Saw, Scroll Saw, Planer/ Jointer, Band Saw, Flex Drum,
Drill Press, Disk Grinder, Cordless Drill, Drill Bits, Screw Driver, Hammer,
Paper, Sand Paper Holders, Tracing paper, Wood Glue, Wood Sealer,
Varathane Wood Finish

How much time?

The Old Fashioned Santa  -- about 15 hours.  
Time varies with the project size.
Intarsia... What's Involved...
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