Tyler Huneault
Tyler Huneault

Tyler’s physical symptoms include: stunted growth, a large distended
forehead, a broad flat nose and swelling of the liver and spleen.

The biggest factor for Tyler up until January 2009 was his mobility as his
bones are very weak. Just hours before a scheduled back surgery in January
however, Tyler was diagnosed with kidney failure so the back surgery was
cancelled and Tyler now must undergo dialysis treatment 4 times a week at
CHEO until a kidney transplant can be done in 1 to 4 years.

A Message from Tyler’s Parents

In the words of Tyler’s mother, Ida…”It is so fortunate that such a fatal
disorder is so rare. Unfortunately it also means that awareness and funding
for research is very limited. That’s why we ask for your help. We hope our
collective annual attention to this disorder will bring solution for Tyler and
children like him. There is no way to ever say thank you for helping to save
our child. If you can imagine how you would feel to be Tyler’s parents, then
you can imagine why we ask for your help. Thank you for helping to save our
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