Emily with Dr. Igdoura
and some members
of his research team.

The Research

All of the money raised at Emily’s and Tyler’s garage sales goes to McMaster
University to fund research for Sialidosis.

There is no treatment for Sialidosis although Tyler did receive a bone marrow
transplant as a baby that was thought to be unsuccessful at the time.

The only research being done on this disorder is being done at
University by biology professor Dr. Suleiman Igdoura.

Dr. Igdoura’s research team is working on a gene therapy that will replace the
defective gene in Sialidosis sufferers.

They are close to completing a test of the therapy on animals which Mr.
Igdoura hopes will bring them closer to a clinical trial.

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Emily's visit to McMaster University!
McMaster University's
President Dr. Peter George
with Emily.
Emily with
research assistants
Erin and Gabe.
Emily with Dr. Igdoura.