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Emily, Tyler & Tyler's Mom Ida
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In April 2005, when Emily was just 7 years old she came home from school
one day asking how to do a fundraiser. After giving her a few examples, her
mother asked her why she wanted to know. She replied that she wanted to
raise money for cancer research because cancer makes a lot of people very

She decided that she would write a proposal to her principal asking if she
could host a big show using the school's juggling club and choir in the school
gym. Her plan was to sell tickets to get in and also have a silent auction going
at the same time. After writing the letter she went to bed. Her mother, after
tucking Emily in, went to her computer to check her emails and found one that
was sent from a prominent member of her Dental Hygiene Society. She had
no idea before reading this letter that this woman had a son with a very rare
fatal enzyme disorder called Sialidosis. She quickly returned to Emily's room
to read the email to her. It explained that this woman, Ida Ryan, her husband
Perry Huneault and their son Tyler were hosting their 4th annual charity
garage sale to raise money to fund the research department at McMaster

When Emily realized that this family was the only one funding the research
due to the fact that Tyler is the only child in Canada suffering with this
disease she quickly bounced out of bed and re-wrote her letter to the
principal. She now wanted all the proceeds from her big show to go to
McMaster University since there are many people fundraising for cancer and
just Tyler's family raising money for his cause. The school was unable to
make Emily's dream of a big show a reality so she came home that day saying
she would host her own garage sale the next day. Thankfully the next day was
a Saturday. She went around the house gathering toys she didn't need
anymore and explained to everyone who came that she was donating all the
proceeds to McMaster U.

She raised $91 and phoned Tyler's family herself to tell them the news. A few
hours later she was at their door and meeting the Huneault family for the first
time. A very grateful Tyler came out to thank Emily sincerely and she told him
that this would become an annual event and that she would see him again
next year.

In 2006 she held her 2nd annual garage sale and raised $150. The next year,
after an article about Emily and her fundraising efforts was in the Kanata
Kourier, the community got involved with her efforts. She mentioned in the
article that if anyone had any items to donate to her sale, she and her
grandpa would come and get them if they could not be delivered. Our garage
quickly began to fill with items. Emily coordinated all the pick-ups herself. She
raised an amazing $2600.

In the spring of 2008, Emily held her 4th sale and once again the items
poured in filling our garage as well as her grandpa's and neighbour's. This
time however, she called it Emily's Mega Garage Sale Event because not only
were there used items being sold outside but she now had a bake sale, silent
auction and art and jewellery sale inside. With the help of her 25 volunteers,
Emily raised $4060. When it was all over a supper was served to feed the
hungry volunteers and she presented them all with handmade cards thanking
them for their role in the success of her event.

A month later a gentleman from the Nepean Rotary Club invited her as a
guest speaker to one of their luncheon meetings. They presented her with a
cheque for $1000. Not too long after that she did another presentation for the
local Keller Williams Real Estate offices and was chosen as the recipient of
their youth charity donation.

In October of 2008, Emily was invited as a guest of honour and guest speaker
at the Ottawa Keller Williams Inspirational Breakfast where she delivered her
speach to 450 people with Tyler at her side. She told everyone how she got
started and explained how everyone is capable of making a difference no
matter what your age or whether you give of your time or money. Between the
three Keller Williams offices Emily was presented with a cheque of $5000.

In December 2008 Emily was invited to speak once again, this time at the
Keller Williams International  Brunch in Orlando Florida, celebrating quiet
heroes in February 2009. Emily was thrilled to accept the offer and didn't
seem phased at all by the fact that there would be nearly 7000 people in

Emily returned to Ottawa and welcomed TVOKids from TVOntario into her
home. They presented her with a Super Citizen award and filmed a Super
Citizen episode about Emily and her garage sale.

Watch the coming events for developing news about Emily.
Emily's decision to help

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2014... May 17th, Tyler's Terrific Yard Sale event
2014... May 3rd, My
10th Annual Garage Sale event
2013... May 11th, Tyler's Terrific Yard Sale event
2013... April 27th, My 9th Annual Garage Sale event
2012... Sept 6th, Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal at
Parliament Hill
2012... May 12th, Tyler's Terrific Yard Sale event
2012... May 9th, City Builder Award at City Hall
2012... May 5th, My 8th Annual Garage Sale event
2011... May 7th, Tyler's Terrific Yard Sale event
2011... April 16th, My 7th Annual Garage Sale event
2010... Oct 2nd, Acclaim Pro Wrestling Charity event
2010... May 8th, Tyler's Terrific Yard Sale event
2010... April 24th,
6th annual garage sale event
2010... April 17th, Emily will be interviewed on A channel's
"A" Morning show
2010... April 14th, Speak at the CWL (Catholic Woman's
2009... November 7th, Guest on 580 CFRA News Talk
2009... November 6th, Guest speaker at the Ottawa Keller
Williams Inspirational Breakfast, $5,000
2009... October 2nd, Emily was presented with a
community builder’s award from the United Way, her name
will added to the wall of honour at Ottawa's City Hall!
2009... October 2nd,
speech at Emily's school during the
cancer walk fundraiser kickoff.
2009... July 17th,
Emily visits McMaster University!! Invited
by the President Dr. Peter George. Emily will meet Dr.
Suleiman Igdoura and tour the lab where the research is
being done.
2009... June 24th, Super Citizen Episode on TVO Kids airs
at 6 pm
2009... June 6th, King George School Penny Drive in North
Bay from 10-2, hosted by Emily's Aunt Joan (Mme Bidal),
raised $600
2009... May 9th,
Tyler's Terrific Yard Sale event
2009... May 2nd,
1st east end garage sale event, $4308
2009... April 29, Emily was a guest on A-Channel's 'A'
2009... April 25th,
5th annual garage sale event, $7051 and
money donations are still coming in!
2009... Follow up interview with Tyler & Ida on the CBC
Ottawa Morning show with Kathleen Petty
2009... Award presentation for Ontario Junior
Citizen of the year at the office of the
Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the
Honourable David C. Onley in Toronto
with tour of Queens Park
2009... TVOKids taping of Super Citizen episode
and award presentation
2009... Guest speaker Keller Williams
International Conference, Inspirational
Brunch in Orlando, Florida, $22,682 US
2009... Interview CBC Ottawa Morning show with
Kathleen Petty
2009... Keller Williams VIP chili cook off fundraiser
2009... Articles in EMC and Kanata Kourier
2009... Named one of 12 Ontario Junior Citizen
of the Year
2008... Guest speaker at the Ottawa Keller
Williams Inspirational Breakfast, $5,000
2008... Presented and was chosen as Keller
Williams youth charity recipient for Ottawa
2008... Guest speaker at Nepean Rotary
Club Meeting, $1,000
2008... 4th annual garage sale, $4,060
2007... 3rd annual garage sale, $2,600
2007... Article in Kanata Kourier
2006... 2nd garage sale, $150
2005... 1st garage sale, $91
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