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Your Mission in Commission

As you get involved in this program, you will find yourself finally and
forever stepping across the line that separates so many struggling
salespeople from those who win big - month after month and year after
year. You will learn the six basic concepts you MUST understand
before you will ever earn large commissions, and the one fundamental
step you must develop to earn $100,000+ while still enjoying your work.
Then, you will begin doing it!

Bob Proctor used the principles contained in this system to raise
himself from a modest salaried position to
$1,000,000+ annual
. Using the Mission In Commission system, Bob has
taught thousands of salespeople around the globe to do the same.

As a commissioned salesperson, you have the opportunity to
earn the
exact amount of money you need
, to provide the things you want, to
live the way you choose, regardless of how high that amount is.

You'll not find the usual sales training here. We know that you already
know how to sell. This program is about YOU and how you think.

It's not about working harder or longer, it's about making those vitally
important inner changes that separate the successful from the rest of
the pack. You must
become a top producer in your own mind before
you can be one in fact.

In this powerful program, Bob Proctor will show you the exact system
earning 6 or 7-figure incomes every year - and how to have fun
doing it.

You'll learn:

  • 6 concepts you MUST understand before you will ever earn large
  • How to let go of the past and start with a clean slate that allows
    you to choose EXACTLY how much you will earn.
  • The one thing you MUST develop if you want to earn $100,000+
    income while still enjoying your work.
  • How to develop a "Magnificent Obsession" that makes your work
    fun and your commissions soar.
  • The only 3 factors that determine how much money you earn -
    and why fewer than 1% of salespeople ever benefit from them.
  • The PROVEN plan for earning six-figure commissions each
    and every year.

This program includes professionally-recorded audio CD lessons,
Mission In Commission Card, and your personal Mission In
Commission Action Planner.

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