The Think and Grow Rich Book Study

Thank you for allowing us to tell you about a book we are passionate
about. We believe everyone can benefit a great deal from this book

Let me start by saying, the book is based on money because money is
something everyone needs and understands. The philosophy in this
book will help you in every area of your life, relationships, health, wealth,
your mind, and your spiritual being.

Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s. He was
commissioned by Steel Magnate Andrew Carnegie to study the lives of
500 very successful “Rich people” over a period of 20 years to find out
how they became rich. He wanted Napoleon to pass the information to
the masses who would otherwise never know how they, too, could
become successful and reach their full potential. In order for Napoleon
to accomplish this mission Mr. Carnegie introduced Napoleon to these
very wealthy people to obtain their cooperation.

Think and Grow Rich is the result of many years of research which is
now available to you. There are many people spread out across the
world like Dorothy and I, who, after having had the opportunity to be on
a book study, were so impressed with the content of the book that we
wanted to bring his message to as many people as we could.  

We joined the Bob Proctor organization and are now Licensed
LifeSuccess Consultants trained to facilitate the Think and Grow Rich
Book Study, and to teach 5 Bob Proctor Personal Development
Courses. The Goal Achiever – The Winner’s Image – The Success
Puzzle – Your Mission in Commission and You were Born Rich

The Book Study is a 11/2 hour per week,10 week commitment. We
know, without a doubt, that no one will be sorry they took the time to join
a group to study this book. Think and Grow Rich book is a “what to do
and how to do it book”. We are pleased to offer this free book study to

Let’s go over the Study Outline.

In Meeting #1 The Author’s Preface: Here we get an understanding of,  
             and reasons why, we would want to study the book.

In Meeting #2 Introduction: Mindpower. We see how our Thoughts
             become  things and what we think about we become.

In Meeting #3 Desire: Desire is the starting Point of All Achievement. It
             is the first step to riches. You will learn why.

In Meeting #4 Faith: You will learn how to develop Faith. Faith Sees the
             Invisible …. Believes the Incredible ….and…Receives
             the Impossible. Faith is the second step to riches.

In Meeting # 5 Autosuggestion: Here you will learn how to influence your
             subconscious mind. The third step to riches

In Meeting #6 Imagination: Here you will see why your Imagination is
             the workshop of your mind. Everything we see around us
             started in someone’s imagination. This is the fifth step to

In Meeting #7 Decision: Decision is the mastery of procrastination. You
             will learn the importance of making decisions to be
             successful . This is the seventh step to riches.

In Meeting # 8 Persistence: Persistence is  the sustained effort
             necessary to induce faith. Here you will learn the
             importance Persistence plays in the accumulation of
             money. This is the eighth step to riches.

In Meeting # 9 The Subconscious Mind: In this chapter we learn the
             power of our Subconscious mind and how to use it. This
             is the eleventh step to riches

Meeting #10 Epilogue: In this chapter we take inventory of ourselves,
             we learn to recognize and outwit the six ghosts of fear
             that keep us from reaching our potential in life.

There are six chapters we do not cover in a separate meeting. You will
be asked to read these chapters. They are covered briefly in other
chapters that we study. They include the following.  

Specialized Knowledge:  

Organized Planning:

The Power of the Mastermind:  

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation:  

The Brain:  

The Sixth Sense:  

Dorothy’s and my time for the book study is FREE. You will have a cost
for your Think and Grow Rich Book (The Original Version, Restored
and Revised) which of course is yours to keep. We have books
available at $20.00.

                      or call 613-831-4844
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